NogX in english

Why use something only once when we can re-use so much stuff around us. This concept was the starting point for NogX.

We, Jacqueline and Marlieke, want to increase circularity in the world around us. So we started our company NogX which stands for Nog een keer (one more time), in Dutch. Our first project were the typical Dutch “Borrelplanken” / Cheeseboards.

We make special thematic “borrelplanken”, for example, and now with Spring we have created lots of new ones. They are all one of a kind boards and therefore all numbered separately.

We want to invite you to take a look on our photo-page, which shows the “borrelplanken” in use.

Furthermore we have expanded our range with so called “carry-on-pie-bags”. We have all struggled with the issue off buying a lovely pie but not having the proper bag to transport it in. We have solved the issue with our handy  “carry-on-pie-bags”, please take a in our shop.

Our latest addition are the “insolated bottlebags”, keep your drinks cold in summer and warm in winter!

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Please come and visit us on le Marie Marche,  coming Saterday November 26th, in Wassenaar Centre.